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BabyBoms LLC - The Cloth Diaper Re-invented

BabyBoms Cloth Diapers are truly "The Cloth Diaper Re-Invented", combining modern natural wicking fabric technology with a patent pending design that fits your baby from 5-35 lbs. Babyboms products are made of stain-free, hypoallergenic fabrics that do not require harsh detergents or bleach, thus reducing ground water pollution. Your baby can be diapered successfully with a total of 16-24 diapers, a high contrast to 80 prefolds a week needed for diapering with white cloth prefolds. BabyBoms currently makes 16 natural parenting products in Nampa, Idaho, all with the main goal of reducing cost, waste, and materials used from our shop to your home.

1004 4th St. S.
Nampa, ID 83651

Phone: (208)407-3359
Email: contact@babyboms.com
Website: www.babyboms.com

20% off any purchase of BabyBoms Cloth Diapering supplies in 2010, including full Sets of 8 BabyBoms One-Size Diapers, when purchased at Puffy Mondaes Sustainable Arts in Nampa, : http://www.puffymondaes.com