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One Spot! Shop Smart! - Products For Healthy Living

A wide variety of eco-friendly household products using biodegradable plant-based ingredients, free of phosphates and sulfates, bottled in recyclable plastic. Several product lines include personal care needs, pet health (including shampoo, ear wash and paw balm), auto care products that range from tire care to engine maintenance (free of acids, petroleum distillates, butyl and butyl ethers), enzyme-based products for lawn, garden, as well as pool and spa. A wide variety of household products promote a healthy environment with non-toxic, concentrated formulas that can be used throughout your home, including nursery, kitchen, and laundry.

2410 Sunshine Dr
Boise, ID 83712

Phone: (208)724-0472
Fax: (866)611-1654
Email: info@onespotshopsmart.com
Website: www.onespotshopsmart.com

10% discount on product purchase.