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EcoBuild Design-Build | Construction Management - DOE Challenge Home, PHIUS+, Energy Star

EcoBuild Construction Management focuses on building 100% Certified Passive House(TM) homes. This means our homes are also 100% Energy Star Certified 100% of the time and meet the requirement of the Department of Energy Builder's Challenge homes. Certified Passive House(TM) homes rate about a 20 on the HERS index without any additional renewable energy sources with up to a 90% reduced energy consumption rate. Focusing on super efficient construction using standard building technologies is the key to affordability.

Ecobuild also provides home inspections for residential and commercial based structures with a focus on energy efficiency. Visit our website for more information.


Boise, ID 83709

Phone: (208)362-4563
Fax: (208)485-4459
Email: matt.fletcher@ecobuildconstruction.com
Website: www.ecobuildconstruction.com

15% off in-house design fees on Certified Passive House(TM) projects.

$50 off on home improvements totaling $500 or more. Discount does not apply to materials, permit fees or certification fees.

10% off on the cost of a standard home inspection