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The Ancient Schools Of Mystery - EarthCentered Teaching And Healing

Teaching and Healing the chooses GrandMother Earth and her families first. Modules and Rituals that re-pattern generational habits of human first. We support that the most important vote is how you spend your money locally and of course, voting for eco-friendly proven government.

Everyone is hungry for their Origin. Shaman Way has a retrieval of a person's first birth on the Planet and their first natural families and birthroot identities. This is called Shaman Way Medicine Wheel. The wild instincts echo and mirrored from their Wheel are essential for wellness, family and community.

4200 Tredwell Place
Boise, ID 83703

Phone: (208)599-1004
Email: oceanearth.earthocean@gmail.com
Website: www.earththunder.byregion.net

$100 value Shaman Way Medicine Wheel Reading to retrieve birthroot identities.