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Vortices Design - The Heart of Web Site Solutions for You

Do you have a highly-functional web site, dynamic brochures and effective marketing programs that really move your business? If not, we can help. We are a fully-integrated business builder that helps companies like yours maximize their marketing efforts, affordably.

From building a strong, highly-effective Internet presence to graphic design, collateral material, search engine optimization and web hosting, we create cohesive marketing efforts that means increased business for you. Call us today for a free consultation.

4660 Culbertson Drive
Mount Hood Parkdale, OR 97041

Phone: (503)521-6895
Toll Free: (800)952-4182
Email: dmaria@vorticesdesign.com
Website: www.vorticesdesign.com

GreenWorks Individual members will receive a 10% discount on any web or graphic design work we perform for them. Greenworks Idaho Business Members will receive a 15% discount.

Vortices Design Green Goals

Energy Goals:
We plan on switching all our appliances to Energy Star certified appliances within two years, replacing the oldest and highest energy users first. Where possible we will be switching to LED lighting.

Accomplishments to Date:
In the last year all of our lighting was switched to compact floresents as an interium measure until we can switch out to LED. We also super insulated all the ducting for the heating and air conditioning system.

Percentage Completed:

Water Goals:
Reduce our water consumption where ever possible. In the last year this has included replacing all the sod in our landscaping with drought tolerant grass and on an ongoing basis being completely organic in our feeding schedule, encouraging soil health which makes for healthier plants which use less water.

Percentage Completed:

Waste Management Goals:
Our goal is to recycle 100% of everything possible but more importantly, reduce the amount of items coming in that have to be recycled right away such as packaging, etc.

Percentage Completed:

Transportation Goals:
Switch our vehicles flex fuel until making a full switch to a hybrid.

Accomplishments to Date:
All that is remaining to accomplish is to purchase new vehicles.

Percentage Completed:

Social Responsibility Goals:
Continue to work in the community supporting businesses and organizations that can use our help. On an ongoing basis we do around 20% of our work as pro-bono for non-profits and charitable organizations.

Accomplishments to Date:
In 2010 we produced three new projects for non-profits and will continue to do so as we are able in 2011.

Percentage Completed: