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Sustainable Growth Boise - Land Care, Organically . . .

Sustainable Growth Boise is an organic land and lawn care company specializing in fertilization, pest control and weed control without the use of toxic chemicals.

2116 N. 28th St.
Boise, ID 83703

Phone: (208)389-4769
Toll Free: (208)914-1020
Email: lindsay@sustainablegrowth.com
Website: www.sgidaho.com

Free lawn core aeration (up to 3000 square feet) when a full year program is purchased ($75 value).

Sustainable Growth Boise Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Our energy goals are as follows:
Use of waste vegetable oil: We plan on using waste vegetable oil as an alternate and sustainable energy source for fueling our vehicles (bio-diesel), and to run generators to create electricity for our business.
We plan on installing solar panels in replacement of our awnings and/or on our roof to supplement our energy needs. We also plan on installing a solar water pump to irrigate our nursery business.
Conservation: We strive to keep lights out as much as possible during daylight hours, utilizing our ample sunlight from south facing windows.
Encouraging community to plant Victory Gardens to become self-sufficient and keeping food local and with less energy use from transport.

Percentage Completed:

Water Goals:
We will be installing a rain catchment system to reclaim water from the roof of the nursery, as well as the run-off from the greenhouses, and use the water to irrigate our nursery plants. New toilets are extra-low water use. Water filtration for drinking water is passive (Berkey) system instead of soft or R/O water which create waste and pollution.
Nursery to specialize in native, xeric, and edible plants to harmoniously fit into regional rain fall requirements.

Percentage Completed:

Waste Management Goals:
We will be recycling all plant materials on-site in our composting operations.
Shredded paper will be used as worm bedding in vermicompost machine.
Recycling bins on both floors.
Contracts to customers sent in fillable PDF file instead of paper contract sent through mail.

Percentage Completed:

Transportation Goals:
All of our company vehicles will be run on bio-diesel.
Supporting employees who choose to bike or walk to work with secure bike rack, air for tires, and shower facility if needed. Offering free air and restrooms to bicyclist on Hill Road by offering free air, water, and restrooms.

Percentage Completed:

Social Responsibility Goals:
Offering free to public classes on self-sustainability, urban homesteading, organic gardening, and other sustainable practices.
Donate space to non-profits for use in fund raising.
Offer space to local farmers for CSA drop-off's, farm stands, etc. Help increase awareness of eating locally as essential way of minimizing footprint and energy use while supporting local economies and food security.

Percentage Completed: