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First Affirmative Financial Network - Aligning Personal Finances With Goals And Values

I provide fee-only financial planning, investment advice, and investment management with a focus on socially responsible investing. Fee-only means that I earn no commissions or referral fees. My mission is to help individuals, couples, and families align their financial lives with their goals, priorities and values. I believe that personal wealth and security are more than income and assets, that people can earn competitive returns by investing in responsible enterprises, and that individuals and families need access to affordable financial planning services to meet their goals and secure their future.

P.O. Box 488
Boise, ID 83701

Phone: (208)350-6557
Email: Kstearns@arcadvisers.net
Website: www.arcadvisers.net

Free initial consultation.

First Affirmative Financial Network Green Goals

Energy Goals:
To have an energy efficiency evaluation by the ID Small Business Development Center and implement the recommendations.

Water Goals:
We want to reduce water use in landscaping by replacing grass and other plants with either drought tolerant plants, or plants we can eat - fruits and vegetables.

Waste Management Goals:
Reduce use of paper as much as possible.

Transportation Goals:
Use bicycle instead of car as much as possible. Have a safe place for clients to park a bicycle at our office.

Social Responsibility Goals:
Try to buy local foods and organic foods. Participate in community development initiatives in Boise. Lead workshops and seminars to educate people about sustainable and responsible investing, which includes stock screening, shareholder advocacy, and community investing.