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Cascade Cleaning Services, LLC - Your Carpet, Upholstery, and Air Duct Cleaning Specialist

We believe that green is a process, not just a new ingredient in a cleaning solution. Cleaning green recognizes the connectivity of the entire cleaning process, including the cleaning technician him/herself.

One of the questions you should be asking yourself, and educating your customers about is this: "what does green really mean?" There are at least eight ways that we see "green" could be measured when you are looking at the impact of cleaning chemical solutions on the world around us.

Outdoor environmental impact and footprint - Are the cleaning solutions rapidly biodegradable? What impact does it have on the environment to access the raw ingredients that make up those cleaning so

4835 W. Mystic Cove Way
Boise, ID 83714

Phone: (208)407-8999
Email: CascadeCarpet@cableone.net
Website: www.CascadeCarpetCleaning.net

100 SF Free Carpet cleaning ($32 value) off of any carpet cleaning service over 500 square feet.

Cascade Cleaning Services, LLC Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Reduce energy consumption by 7% per year.

Accomplishments to Date:
Was still working on a goal.

Percentage Completed:

Water Goals:
Reduce energy consumption by 12% per year.

Accomplishments to Date:
We just started the bench mark to establish our bench mark.

Percentage Completed:

Waste Management Goals:
Reduce cleaning solution and disposal by 15%.

Accomplishments to Date:
Just starting to establish the bench mark.

Percentage Completed:

Transportation Goals:
Become more effecient with schedule jobs in the TV.

Accomplishments to Date:
1% reduction thus far.

Percentage Completed:

Social Responsibility Goals:
Working with team to establish this goal.

Accomplishments to Date:
Wasn't established at that time.

Percentage Completed: