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Duane Enterprises - Bringing Brill Lawns From Germany

We bring Brill rotary, manual push lawn mowers to Idaho from Germany. These German-engineered mowers from Brill are less than 17 lbs., are best for your lawn and the environment, only need resharpening every 7 to 10 years, and are less money to own and operate than the least expensive, noisy, chocking, hazardous to people, pets & the environment, abusive to your lawn, and just annoying power, rotary lawn mowers. No more spilled gas or strained muscles. Listen to your wind-chimes, music through our open windows, your children playing, or talk at a normal speaking volumn to your spouse while you walk around your yard with very little effort cutting your grass and feeling good about it.

3467 Weathered Ave.
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: (208)794-8741
Toll Free: (208)906-1399
Fax: (208)343-0407
Email: larry.buttel@gmail.com