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Compost Gold - Make Compost Not Landfills

Authorized Dealer for the Mantis Compost Twin (tm) as well as the line of four composters made by Compostumbler (tm): Compostumbler2, Original Compostumbler, Compact Compostumbler and the Back Porch Compostumbler. In goes yard cuttings, garden refuse and kitchen scraps; out comes sweet, nutrient-rich, finished compost in 2 to 3 weeks. Start making your own valuable compost that can be used as a garden side dressing, tilled into the soil or used as a mulch. Finished compost conditions and improves soil and acts as a slow release fertilizer. We deliver and assemble all our products throughout southwestern Idaho at no extra charge. Information mailed upon request. Call anytime 208 353 8614.

1911 Incline Way

Phone: (208)353-8614
Email: roncace@msn.com