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Bark Blowers Inc. - Blown Bark Looks Best

Bark Blowers has been promoting green living in Idaho for over 15 years. We install bark products evenly and effeciently through our unique blower system. Bark not only looks good and smells fresh, but it is the natural way to retain weeds, hold moisture, and aids as an erosion control. Slides and Stuff, a sister company to Bark Blowers, sells a variety of commercial and residential outdoor playground equipment, site amenities, bike racks, and Bike-Shell lockers. We are the founders of "Ride Idaho" and continually promote cycling as an alternative means of transportation.

582 East Boise Ave.
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: (208)342-8787
Email: egrief@cableone.net
Website: www.barkblowersinc.com