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The Healthy House Institute - A Resource For Creating Healthier Homes

The Healthy House Institute® (HHI) provides consumers information to make their homes healthier. HHI strives to be the most comprehensive educational resource available for creating healthier homes. To this end, HHI treats the home like an ecosystem with many interrelated parts, covering topics in-depth such as air and water quality, building, remodeling and furnishing, cleaning and housekeeping, health and safety, ventilation, lighting, energy efficiency and more.

Rather than preaching to the converted, HHI seeks to reach a mainstream educated consumer with credible information merging the best of ‘green’ with the best of healthier homes research.

13998 W. Hartford Dr.
Boise, ID 83713

Phone: (208)938-3137
Toll Free: (208)724-1508
Fax: (208)938-3138
Email: allen@healthyhouseinstitute.com
Website: www.HealthyHouseInstitute.com