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Jim Geddings CPA - Tax, Accounting, And QuickBooks/Quicken Consulting Services

Jim Geddings, CPA, is a certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor dedicated to providing personalized education and training to small businesses who use QuickBooks. Jim shows clients how to utilize their QuickBooks software to better manage their businesses and prevent the loss of potential tax savings due to inadequate and/or incorrect accounting records.

7639 W Riverside Drive, Suite 100
Boise, ID 83714

Phone: (208)853-0790
Toll Free: (208)407-1140
Fax: (208)853-0791
Email: jim@jimgeddingscpa.com
Website: www.jimgeddingscpa.com

10% discount off first year's fees.

Jim Geddings CPA Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Our office participated in an Energy Efficiency Evaluation through the Idaho Small Business Development Center on 11-16-09. Their report was received on 1-19-10, and we plan to implement their recommendations.

Accomplishments to Date:
Energy efficient lightbulbs have been installed throughout our office. Computers are logged off at night and shut down on the weekends. Our copy machine shuts down when not in use.

Water Goals:
More study is needed regarding our water use. In 2009 86,000 gallons of water was used--more water is used in the summer because of sprinklers. Look into installing low volume water adaptors for bathroom and kitchen sinks and toilets and possibly doing some drought tolerant landscaping.

Accomplishments to Date:

Waste Management Goals:
Continue to reduce paper consumption (90,000 sheets of paper were purchased in 2009 and 105,000 in 2008--17% decrease). Eliminate junk mail. Purchase a supply of cloth napkins for kitchen use. Educate staff about bringing lunch from home in reusuable containers. Send Christmas greetings by email.

Accomplishments to Date:
Washable towels are available for hand drying in bathrooms and kitchen. Glass water pitchers and glasses are now used for QuickBooks training classes instead of plastic water bottles. Recycling bins are set up in the kitchen. Recycled paper products are being purchased. Monthly billing statements are sent electronically. Accounts payable statements are downloaded and the majority of our bills are paid electronically. Client tax information is saved in our Document Management System.

Transportation Goals:
Purchase a bike rack and place it in one of the front parking slots for staff and clients to use. Have a designated "no drive day" for staff once a month to start and then eventually weekly. Encourage staff to walk, ride bikes, take the bus, or carpool to work as often as possible.

Accomplishments to Date:
Administrative staff person rides her bike or the bus to work several times a week.

Social Responsibility Goals:
Research the forest products industry and start supporting sustainable forest growth. Invest in or contribute to renewable energy businesses.

Accomplishments to Date:
We patron locally owned businesses such as: Maid in Idaho, Office Experts, and Western Records Destruction. We are members of organizations that support the local economy like GreenWorks Idaho and Think Boise First.