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Gia Wellness, Inc. - Green Solution To Electro-Pollution - Cellphone Saftey!

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD states that Electro-Pollution is the greatest toxin of the 21st Century. Linear water, Gia's patented "iH20", is the most effective means of countering EMFs: Gia Wellness holds the International Patent on MRET, Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (2007), the only internationally documented scientific solution to mitigating the biological effects of EMR in humans, plants and animals. Cell towers, antennaes, cell and cordless phones, computers/monitors, etc., emit Electro-Magnetic Radiation which stresses the human brain/body. This stress effect is internationally documented in scientific literature. Children are most at risk. Protect today with Gia's Cell Guards!

2900 Grandee St
Boise, ID 83704

Phone: (408)607-0758
Fax: (408)842-3731
Email: chrismcco@hotmail.com
Website: www.giawellness.com/greenwithin