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Bittercreek/ Red Feather Restaurants - Local and Unique

Whenever possible, our menus emphasize products that thrive in our region, reflecting a simple northwest culinary style.

By tightening the shipping radius for products in our restaurants, we hope to define this regional style and support our local agrarian economy. We want to refine our business practices to be more environmentally and socially responsible every day.

While we understand that local food is only one small part of the greater solution, our desire is to have unparalleled culinary style while maintaining aggressive standards for supporting our community and planet.

246 N. 8th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208)345-1813
Email: dmkrick@mac.com
Website: http://www.justeatlocal.com

Bittercreek/ Red Feather Restaurants Green Goals

Energy Goals:
In 2006 we defined in our energy policy we would reduce overall gas/electric use by 10% per year. By 2016 we aim to be net-zero.
The unplug campaign-unplug all non-critical electrical appliances
Tracking and management of practices
Oven & equipment procedures
Use of heat & air conditioning
We will need to redesign restaurant with a new model, scheduled for early 2012
Insulate, Insulate, Insulate
Steam using recaptured heat, geothermal, bio-boiler

Accomplishments to Date:
30% reduction in electric and 20% reduction in gas from 2008-2009.

Percentage Completed:

Water Goals:
Reduce water use by 10% per year, work to build water recapture and heat recapture through water lines in kitchen remodel. Expand use of steam, geothermal for btu's

Accomplishments to Date:
15% reduction in water use 2008-2009, this was achieved by changing kitchen thawing procedures.

Percentage Completed:

Waste Management Goals:
Eliminate all landfill waste from our business by 2012, reduce recycling thru vertical integration of production practices with end goal of one container pick-up per week.

Accomplishments to Date:
Vermacomposting has eliminated 50% of our clean compostable waste. We participated in our city pilot combined recycle program that has now been instituted city-wide.

We need a new paradigm, recycling is not the answer
Packaging Waste
Condiments & conveniences - make our own
The almost complete cycle for oil
Future production of beer/soda
Office supply waste - more use of chalkboards

Percentage Completed:

Transportation Goals:
expand local purchasing of all consumables/food by 10% a year until we achieve 75%. Reward staff/customers for alternative transportation choices. Demonstrate leadership for promotion of bicycling.

Accomplishments to Date:
We exceeded 50% of all food purchase direct from local farmers, within 100 miles in 2009. We were scheduled to be at 30%, we are ahead of schedule with food.
Forged partnership with Boise Bike Project helping to promote recycling of used bikes. Installed several new bike racks in front of Bittercreek, in our neighborhood. Ended all subsidy for employee auto parking.

Percentage Completed:

Social Responsibility Goals:
*Advocacy for a level playing field, business needs government to provide this balance.
-Increase in federal and min. wage, current should be $10 per hour.
*Advocate of Federal support for health insurance for all US citizens, we can't provide insurance and
compete on a fair playing field with those who don't.

*Advocate for new Federal/State/Community Food Policy, help educate people to make the links
between our food system and human health.
-Rework federal food policy to support and promote sustainable food production
-End subsidy to non-sustainable food production
-Make food system part of our children's educational experience

Internal to our Business
*We value all human rights, we advocate for human rights
*Create structure for employee stock ownership, ultimate goal to transition into worker owned co-op.
*Provide structure for employees to donate time in the community
*Invest in people rather than products
*Required to teach and learn from each other and proactively share information

Accomplishments to Date:
Heavily Engaged in advocacy/policy work.
All key managers have assigned themselves are participate with at least one non-profit related to sustainability

Percentage Completed: