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Greenman Health Shoppe - Health Care Services And Products In Harmony With Nature

Dr. Mathieu has over 30 years of experience as a naturopathic and homepathic physician, and lifestyle health coach. He has been practicing natural health care in the Treasure Valley since 1991. He listens, and assesses your individual health care needs, and then provides a treatment plan that integrates food, exercise, stress management, nutritional and herbal supplements and energy healing techniques such as homeopathy, flower essences, emotional freedom technique, or reiki.

Greenman Heatlh Shoppe products are carefully selected by Dr Mathieu, from local or regional brands.

He endeavors to empower people to live well, be well, and trust the wisdom and healing power of life

1412 W Washington St
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208)338-5590
Toll Free: (208)955-7350
Fax: (208)367-9242
Email: bmathieu@spro.net
Website: www.greenmanhealth.com

Ten percent discount off of either first office visit/consultation fee based on $80 per hour, OR first purchase of products from Greenman Health Shoppe

Greenman Health Shoppe Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Implement our building energy assessment report concerning light replacement. Replace our air conditioner with a more energy efficient model.
Use power strips to turn off computer and peripherals

Water Goals:
As a tenant/owner of Wholistic Therapy Center establish a curbside xeroscape to reduce watering by 10%

Waste Management Goals:
Continue paper recycling, and replace current disposable cups with either washable mugs or more compostable paper

Transportation Goals:
Continue to drive our 40mph plus compact car, bicycle or ride my electric scooter to commute

Social Responsibility Goals:
Continue to participate in Think First Boise, Sacred Activism, volunteer for Peace Village, Sanctuary, and other community services. Provide low income discount sliding fee scale for patients.