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University Of Phoenix Idaho Campus - Going Green Through Education

Go green with online education!
The University of Phoenix Idaho campus just moved in to their new silver level LEED certified building in Meridian.
Whether you choose part-online or 100% online, you will go green by:
-Saving gas by traveling less to campus
-Less heating/cooling/water usage of campuses
-Less paper, pencils, pens
-Electronic textbooks

Go green with your career! The University of Phoenix offers an online accredited program; The Bachelor of Science in Green and Sustainable Management.

We pledge to do our part by continually improving our sustainable business practices and to clearly demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

1422 S. Tech Lane
Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: (208)898-2025
Fax: (602)383-6992
Email: kelly.anderson@phoenix.edu
Website: www.phoenix.edu/idaho

5% discount on room rentals in our LEED certified building.

University Of Phoenix Idaho Campus Green Goals

Energy Goals:
We have implemented state of the art heating and cooling system that will be maintained to the highest standards. We have also implemented automatic lights minimizing the usage of electricity when not in use. We have and will continue to use the new compact fluorescent bulbs. We teach and encourage employees to turn off their computers when not in use and have enabled power management on our monitors.

Water Goals:
We have implemented and will continue to sustain landscaping that requires minimal water usage. We have installed water saving toilets.

Waste Management Goals:
We have implemented a recylcing program for both employees and students. Implentation of recyclying and paper reduction education programs.
•Use recycled paper in our printers and copiers.
•Print double-sided when possible or print multiple pages on one sheet. When making copies, use double-sided copying.
•Print only what is needed of a document by highlighting the information you want.
•If your printer prints a test page whenever it is turned on, disable this unnecessary feature.
•Designate a box for scrap paper and use it for printing all drafts or unofficial documents.

Transportation Goals:
Implement a ride your bike to work program and a carpool incentive program. Look into partnering with Ada County Transportation dept and Gold's Gym to join their bus program.

Social Responsibility Goals:
We will promote our Bachelors of Science degree in Green and Sustainable Energy with our business partners. We will be an example to other organizations in implementing and maintaining green and sustainable programs and building. We are currenltly members of the USGBC. We will adhere to the standards of this organization to continue our membership.