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Earthly Delights Farm And Landscaping - Local Living Landscapes

Earthly Delights wields two shovels:
1. We are an urban CSA farm run primarily on human power in Boise.
2. We are a sustainable landscaping company offering design, installation, and maintenance of edible, native, and water-thrifty Idaho landscapes. We also offer consultation and garden coaching services to help DIYers in their own endeavors.
A local living landscape:
*Feeds human & animal inhabitants with diverse food and habitat plants
*Utilizes native plants to celebrate our place and support our native ecosystems
*Conserves water and other resources
*Provides space to savor, relax, and play
*Uses locally-produced materials, recycled whenever possible, purchased from local businesses

2609 Arthur St
Boise, ID 83703

Phone: (208)284-3712
Email: casey@earthlydelightsfarm.com
Website: www.earthlydelightsfarm.com

10% off 1st year's maintenance on any installation, or 10% off consultation and garden coaching services

Earthly Delights Farm And Landscaping Green Goals

Energy Goals:
*Construct a greenhouse on south side of house for seed starting and winter home heating (hopefully no heat required)
*Experiment with and shift larger portion of farm ground to deep mulch/no till to conserve human energy

Water Goals:
*Make use of flood irrigation on farm while keeping fertility levels up. *Consider drip irrigation at Tamarack location

Waste Management Goals:
*Recycle 100% of farm and landscaping waste (we're at about 95% right now)
*Encourage more landscaping clients to sheet mulch and/or recycle grass on their site, as well as to compost

Transportation Goals:
*Maintain farm scale so that bicycling is still primary mode of transportation of people and farm equipment/food (in other words, don't grow too big!)
*Convert biodiesel truck to greasel

Social Responsibility Goals:
*Figure out how to make a living wage from the farm, and how to aid other farmers in making a living wage
*Continue to educate consumers about the true cost of food
*Experiment with holacracy as a business model