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Key Energy Solutions Of Idaho - Idaho's Energy Efficiency Experts

Our company's goal is to help people save as much money and energy as possible, with the fastest return on their investment. We specialize in retrofitting existing homes, whether they are brand new, or a fixer-upper. We offer many services, including, but not limited to: Solar attic fans, Air sealing, Radiant Barrier, etc. We also provide products to help conserve water and minimize electricity usage.

9308 W Rustica
Boise, ID 83709

Phone: (208)860-2958
Email: jason.woodbury@gmail.com
Website: www.keyenergyID.com

I will offer a 10% discount on all Green Pass members for all services rendered. (up to $500 maximum)

Key Energy Solutions Of Idaho Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Our goal is to reduce our electric usage by 50% of 2009 high levels. Our goal is to reduce Natural Gas usage by 20%.

Accomplishments to Date:
So far we have been able to reduce electric usage by 20%. Natural gas usage has decreased by only 3%.

Percentage Completed:

Water Goals:
To reduce company water usage by 50% over 2009 levels.

Accomplishments to Date:
So far on the year, we have reduced our water usage by 45%

Percentage Completed:

Waste Management Goals:
Reduce waste as much as possible. This means recycling as much as we can.

Accomplishments to Date:
We have begun recycling about 50% of total waste.

Percentage Completed:

Transportation Goals:
Reduce fuel usage by smarter scheduling of appointments, as well as upgrading to more fuel efficient vehicles.

Accomplishments to Date:
We purchased a telescoping ladder, which allows us to use our car for inspections instead of the truck. MPG for inspections is now 28 MPG vs 12 for the truck.

Percentage Completed:

Social Responsibility Goals:
Help promote environmental responsibility, as well as a conservation mindset.

Percentage Completed: