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HomeTree - Making Sustainability Simple For Your Home Or Business

HomeTree offers:
-Extensive, BPI certified home or business energy audits
-Green, L.E.E.D. accredited construction project development, managment and
-Renewable Energy Constulting and Installation

5603 Bitter Brush Place
Caldwell, ID 83706

Phone: (781)424-8754
Email: hometreellc@hotmail.com
Website: www.hometreellc.com

10 % off energy audits and consulting fees

HomeTree Green Goals

Energy Goals:
We hope to reduce wasted energy for home and business owners by up to 20% through our energy auditing program.
For Green Construction, we aim to impliment L.E.E.D standards on all construction projects HomeTree contributes to.
For renewable energy HomeTree hopes to increase the attractiveness and financial incentives for implimenting renewable energy sources.

Water Goals:
Through implimenting innovative construction methods such as permiable concrete and roof gardens, we intend to reduce water-run off and capture as much water as possible

Waste Management Goals:
We use sustainably forested and recycled paper products. Also we hope to conduct as much business as possible without paper, via the internet. Our company, with its relationship to home-owners through energy audits, will also be an information source on recyling and composting

Transportation Goals:
In five years, we would like to be in a position where all company vehicles will be fueled by renewable energy, hydrogen or otherwise.

Social Responsibility Goals:
It is in our mission to give back to not only our community but the global community as well. HomeTree wants to donate and install solar power water purification systems to help provide access to safe drinking water. Locally, we support organic farmers and would like in the future to be able to contribute to a farm-to school program. HomeTree is a start up company with Green at its very core.