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Can.b.Green - Helping You Maintain A Healthy Home Environment.

Can-b-Green is a green-driven company with a unique idea. The typical trash or recycling can carries disease-breeding bacteria which can develop into E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria. Cleaning a trash can or recycling can waste 50 gallons of water per can and the dirty water runs off into the storm drain and eventually into our rivers. We have devised a green process and the necessary equipment that will clean over 350 cans using the same amount of water to hand-wash 4. Our heated high-pressure system used to clean the cans is self-contained on the truck. All cleaning products are green and environmentally friendly. Cans are cleaned on the same day as trash/recycling pick-up.

512 W. Idaho Street Suite 103
Boise, ID 82702

Phone: (208)321-4001
Email: jason@canbgreenboise.com
Website: www.canbgreenusa.com

Can.b.Green Green Goals

Energy Goals:
To search for new ideas that will help us conserve energy in our everyday process.

Water Goals:
We will educate others as well as ourselves on the importance of conserving water as well as the damage that runoff of dirty water does to our river systems.We will also be studying ways for our system to clean using even less water then it does right now.We will always stand for the right of everyone on earth to have clean drinking water.

Waste Management Goals:
To try and figure out a another use for our dirty water to have a positive impact on our environment.To cut down on our personal waste and recycle more of that waste.

Transportation Goals:
To use cleaner running fuels and oils. Also to use logistics for new ideas for conserving our driving routines.We hope to make our trucks as green as we possibly can make them.

Social Responsibility Goals:
We will use a green stance to provide our customers with a quality guaranteed service that will help them maintain a healthy home environment.We will concentrate on our local environment, with an eye on the global environment.We also have taken a stance on the right of all humans to have clean drinking water, and will use our knowledge and abilities to help provide this throughout the world and here in America.