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Small Footprint Energy - Reducing Energy And Water Footprints

Small Footprint Energy is committed to helping people and businesses reduce their energy and water footprint on the planet. Current products include a Water Saver for faucets and LED lighting. Services include consulting on small footprint housing solutions including passive solar, passive house, and active house design.

6508 W Everett St
Boise, ID 83704

Phone: (208)321-4998
Email: john@smallfootprintenergy.com
Website: www.smallfootprintenergy.com

$5 off all Water Savers and free bike delivery in Boise.

Small Footprint Energy Green Goals

Energy Goals:
The business will strive to offset 100% of the energy used to power and heat office space with on-site solar generation through a net-meter agreement with Idaho Power.

Water Goals:
The business will use best available water saving technology at the time of purchase for all new water using devides. An example would be a 1.0 gpf toilet. All faucets are equipped with Water Safers. Landscape design will include low water plants, edible plants, and restorative plants to help filter available water before returning to the ground water. Roof rainwater collection will be used to water the landscape. Where concrete is needed, pervious concrete will be used to eliminate runoff and reduce the stress on our stormwater systems.

Waste Management Goals:
All paper waste will be recycled. All cardboard and packing material will be reused or recycled. The business will use electronic billing with vendors when possible. All landscape waste and well as food scraps will be composted on-site.

Transportation Goals:
All deliveries in Boise will be done on foot, bike, bus, or possibly by EV. The business will try to consolidate ordering to save on shipping emmission whenever possible. The business will continue to search for local manufacturing for products. Where possible USA made products will be made available.

Social Responsibility Goals:
During the work day time will be sent aside for involvement with social justice and environmental justice issues. This involvement will be focused on energy issues at the local, state, federal, and planetary levels.