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Kieffer Design Group - Innovative Interior Design, Consulting, And Procurement

Kieffer Design Group is an Award-Winning, Industry Accredited Interior Design/ Purchasing Firm. For over 22 successful and exciting years, we have created intriguing environments for the Hospitality, Restaurant and Residential clients, while advocating a renewed focus on environmentally conscious design and procurement considerations. We offer consulting on greening the home and office, Green Globe certifications and greener purchasing for hotel/commercial industry.

When it comes to design, we believe the sky is the limit. If you can dream it, we can do it. Everything is possible!

1517 W Main St
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208)344-2680
Email: judi@kiefferdesigngroup.com
Website: www.kiefferdesigngroup.com

Free one hour consultation for residential or commercial project after presenting your Green Pass!

Kieffer Design Group Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Changing to high efficiency lightbulbs, only keeping lights on in rooms needed, ensuring to turn off all computers and lights at night, keeping thermostat at 68 in winter and 72 in summer, adding shade device to back windows of building

Water Goals:
Stopping use of water bottles for meetings and utilizing water filtration system, adding rain harvesting to collect from gutters of roof, installing more efficient fixtures as needing replaced

Waste Management Goals:
Asking product reps to take us off their automatic update lists to reduce sample library waste, keeping design library as digital as possible, only ordering samples as necessary and sending back to manufacturer or donating to organization for reuse, recycling everything possible

Transportation Goals:
Cutting down amount of driving between showrooms and client sites, utilizing assets like Skype and other programs to allow for remote meetings, only ordering samples as absolutely necessary and keeping most used samples to reduce shipping

Social Responsibility Goals:
Continue involvement in organizations and join others, including: Idaho Conservation League, Architecture for Humanity, USGBC Idaho Chapter, Think Boise First, etc. Create an Earth Day event in Linen District with neighbors. Principal working on Tread Lightly EcoRetreat promoting conservation and well-being. Help further green building and sustainability education in Idaho and elsewhere.