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On Point LLC - Health, Safety, Durrablitilty, Sustainability

Solar Hot water, solar heat, solar systems, Green building consulting and certification, Home and bussiness Performance assesments. Energy star certification. LEED for Homes green rater

12960 N Schicks Ridge Rd
Boise, ID 83714

Phone: (208)407-5414
Email: tad@onpointadvantage.com
Website: www.onpointadvantage.com

$500 off a Velux solar Hot water system installed.

On Point LLC Green Goals

Energy Goals:
incoroporate more energy star rated equipment, smart strips in office and home. reduce lighting with CFL and LED lighting, incorporate solar into home and office over the next 5 years

Water Goals:
install low flow fixtures, reduce irrigation, rain water collection

Waste Management Goals:
recycle, compost to garden and chickens. buy more sustainable packaged materials and office supplies.

Transportation Goals:
strive to reduce trips through coordination. more fuel economic vehicles for sales and general travel.

Social Responsibility Goals:
eduate the public and trades on the benefits of alternative energy and good healthy, safe, durrable, efficeint building design and systems. Goal to create a affordable low cost low energy or even zero energy home to market at competitive prices.