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EcoBuild Design-Build | Construction Management - DOE Challenge Home, PHIUS+, Energy Star

EcoBuild Construction Management focuses on building 100% Certified Passive House(TM) homes. This means our homes are also 100% Energy Star Certified 100% of the time and meet the requirement of the Department of Energy Builder's Challenge homes. Certified Passive House(TM) homes rate about a 20 on the HERS index without any additional renewable energy sources with up to a 90% reduced energy consumption rate. Focusing on super efficient construction using standard building technologies is the key to affordability.

Ecobuild also provides home inspections for residential and commercial based structures with a focus on energy efficiency. Visit our website for more information.


Boise, ID 83709

Phone: (208)362-4563
Fax: (208)485-4459
Email: matt.fletcher@ecobuildconstruction.com
Website: www.ecobuildconstruction.com

15% off in-house design fees on Certified Passive House(TM) projects.

$50 off on home improvements totaling $500 or more. Discount does not apply to materials, permit fees or certification fees.

10% off on the cost of a standard home inspection

EcoBuild Design-Build | Construction Management Green Goals

Energy Goals:
Energy efficiency is the key to any ecologically friendly and energy efficieny goal. Renewable energy sources are great but can still be used in an inefficient manner. A Passive House is focused first around making the building envelope and structure as energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and sustainable as it can be, and to do this in a affordable manner utilizing simple building technologies that are in current use. The goal at EcoBuild is to make energy efficiency an affordable building alternative. This saves money not only in the long run but also in the short term and the turnaround on positive savings is on a significantly shorter timeline

Water Goals:
In the design, building or retrofitting process water conservation goals go hand in hand with energy efficieny. Utilization of energy efficient and water conserving plumbing and water related fixtures in our projects is a key to achieving this goal. On the jobsite contractors are encouraged to utilize water jugs and reuseable bottles for hydration.

Waste Management Goals:
I am currently an avid waste recycler both in the personal and business sense. In addition I focus on upcycling and recycling furniture items using lumber and other materials that would not necessarily be utilized in typical carpentry and design applications. On jobsite I ensure that this also takes place by providing the various receptacles to provide for different types of waste recycling.

Transportation Goals:
Minimizing driving time to and from jobsite and in meeting with clients is the ultimate goals. The construction process will always have heavier than normal transportation needs until a better and more efficient system than a combustion or compression engine is produced. But by making the use of the systems in place in a more efficient manner some savings can be recognized. I am anxiously awaiting the hydrogen compression engine.

Social Responsibility Goals:
In addition to constantly seeking to improve my energy efficient building knowledge to better serve customers I also would like to become more involved in the education of the general consumer and not just the green building enthusiast.